The Independent Girls Collective is your business toolkit. We’re here to help you build your fulfilling, financially sustainable business.

How the independent girls collective can help you

If you have a burning passion, but don’t feel like you know enough about running a business to make your dream a reality, The Independent Girls Collective is here to help you. Whether it’s pitching to new clients, creating products and setting prices which appeal to your dream customers or even filing your tax return, we’ve got tons of templates, checklists how-to guides and video tutorials to help make it simple to understand and easy to put into action.

Starting your own business can be both incredibly exciting and nail-bitingly scary, which is why our super-supportive community of amazing creative entrepreneurs is here to offer helpful advice, support you in achieving your goals and celebrate when you win.

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I started The Independent Girls Collective in 2017 as a way to share the business and finance knowledge I’d learned as an accountant and business project manager with small business owners. I know that there’s a lot of fear around the more “business-like” parts of being an entrepreneur, and that really you just want to get on with the reason you started your business - your passion.

That’s why I created The IGC, an education platform to teach you how to deal with these areas, practical resources to help you manage them and a community to support you. My goal is to make the scary parts of running your business easy so you can focus on doing what you love.


I want you to know that whatever your dreams are, you are 100% capable of achieving them.

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Easy As VAT | Julia Day | Financial support for creative female entrepreneurs


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Easy As VAT | Julia Day | Financial support for creative female entrepreneurs


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