Julia Day | UK Business Coach for new female business owners women NLP practitioner

combining business basics with practical strategy and mindset magic to help you build a business that stands the test of time.


You know the future version of you? The one who’s a badass business owner, smashing life and brimming with confidence, joy and fulfilment? You can choose to step into her shoes and become her right now.

I’m here to help you step up and build your extraordinary, profitable business. Whether it’s creating a plan of action to kickstart your business, connecting and working with your ideal customers or even managing the admin and finance side of things, I promise you have it in you to be your own boss, and do it brilliantly.

Starting your own business can be both incredibly exciting and nail-bitingly scary, which is I created The Independent Girls Collective - to provide you with helpful advice, support you in achieving your goals and celebrate with you when you win.


I want you to know that whatever your dreams are, you are 100% capable of achieving them. I’m here to equip you with the knowledge, confidence and support network you need to create a business that not only makes you a living, but lasts for the long term.


How can I help?

The Independent Girls Collective -UK Business Community female creative entrepreneur


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The Independent Girls Collective -UK Business Community female creative entrepreneur


Let’s work together to increase your confidence, create a plan of action and start gaining attention from your dream customers.



Learn how to deal with everything business, from setting up and managing your money to developing a helpful mindset.