Four things I learned from a women's expertise session that will help you with your business finances

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Last Thursday, I was very proud to host a workshop at a One Girl Band expertise session in honour of International Women's Day and the one year anniversary of their coworking space in Brighton.

While my workshop was all about showing business owners how to deal with tax and bookkeeping, the other amazing women hosted workshops about a variety of inspiring topics. However, while listening to them, I realised that a lot of the lessons they were sharing could be used to help you with your business.

Keep asking why

In my experience, if you don't understand why you're doing something, you're likely to either forget to do it or do it wrong.

So ask yourself, "why am I keeping track of my business transactions?"

To make filing my tax return easier.

"Why do I want filing my tax return to be easier?"

Because I'll be less stressed out about it and it will take less time.

"Why do I want to be less stressed out and have more time?"

Because being stressed out about tax isn't fun and more time means I can focus on growing my business/doing more fun stuff.

...and so on. So remember, next time you need to do a less exciting task, like bookkeeping, ask yourself why you're doing it and you'll be more inclined to get started.

Reading is important

I love reading. My favourite type of book is non-fiction, inspirational and motivating from a successful woman. You know the type.

My favourites are Girlboss, The Working Woman's Handbook and She Means Business - all crammed full of helpful business advice, including - you guessed it - the importance of having your shit together when it comes to money and your business finances.

So yeah, read. Consume. Learn. Enjoy.

Set proper goals

I go into a lot more detail about setting goals for your business in Easy Numbers, but in terms of accountancy, I think it's really important to set goals and stick to them.

Set time aside to catch up on your bookkeeping, whether it's once a week or once a month, put it in your calendar and - get this - actually do it.

This can apply to everything related to accountancy in your business, from submitting your tax return to chasing overdue invoices - set a goal by deciding what you need to do, how you're going to do it and when you're going to do it.

Be authentic

Don't fiddle your tax return. Simple!

It’s time to swap money stress for financial empowerment.

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