Why stressing out about your finances won't help you improve them

Why stressing out about your finances won’t help you | Easy As VAT | UK financial coach for female business owners

I've been there. Worrying about that unexpected bill. Stressing about when I'll next get paid. Letting my finances (or lack of) consume my thoughts. It doesn't help.

Something I've learned in the past couple of years is that worrying doesn't prevent the worst from happening. So there's no point in stressing out about losing all your money; it won't help you.

What you can do though, is plan.

Be aware of potential cash flow issues. Track your income and expenses and notice any patterns, such as busy and quiet months in your business, and keep aside money from the busy periods to tide you over when there's less work coming in.

Be smart and arm yourself with knowledge about managing money and dealing with it properly.

 Be aware that yes, your business may fail one day. You might stop getting clients. You might have to go back to an office job. But spending your time worrying about that won't prevent it from happening, it will just cast a dark cloud over today.

Write down your absolute worst case scenario out on a piece of paper. Then think about what would actually happen if it came true. Is it all that bad? Does it result in death, starvation or you being out on the streets?

Or actually, is it not an ideal situation, but something you could cope with for a while? Maybe you'd have to go back to your old job, ask your partner to cover the expenses for a month or two, or move in with a relative, but you'd still have a roof over your head, food to eat and the means to get back on your feet.

Next time you find yourself stressing out about your finances, take out that piece of paper and remember that even the worst case scenario isn't that bad.

Then let go, forget about it and continue working towards your goals.

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