6 unhelpful thoughts you probably have about money and what to replace them with

6 unhelpful thoughts you probably have about money and what to replace them with | Julia Day | Easy As VAT | UK financial coach for female business owners

We all deal with negative thoughts at some point. While sometimes we use this negative talk and worry as a defence mechanism to protect ourselves from disappointment or upset, they aren't actually helpful. In fact, they're pretty harmful.

Think about it - if something bad happens you'll feel the bad feelings despite "preparing yourself" and they'll make you feel pretty rubbish along the way. I'm working to stop overthinking about things that worry me and instead, replace them with positive thoughts. Here are some common unhelpful thoughts you've probably had about money and what you can replace them with.


"I'm bad with money"


"I'm doing the best I can and am always improving"

Nobody is perfect with money. Nobody. We all make mistakes, and there's no point in dwelling on them. Remind yourself that you've learned from your mistakes and are doing the best you can with the resources you have access to. And if you feel like you need some help to start managing your money better, take a look at this.


"I'm self-employed so I'll never be comfortable"


"I make money easily while living a life of freedom and flexibility"

Running your own business can be stressful, and there will more than likely be cash flow issues along the way, especially when you're getting started. But ask yourself this: if you believe you'll always struggle as a self-employed person, why are you doing it?

Continue to tell yourself that you'll always struggle for money and you probably will. Appreciate the freedom and flexibility your business brings to your life and remind yourself that it doesn't have to be difficult to make money and you'll be more likely to spot new opportunities and you'll feel a lot happier, too.


"I'm so broke"


"I have what I need"

This one's tricky, because it's hard to feel good about money when you're struggling to make rent. However, as I said above, repeatedly telling yourself that you don't have enough will not help you. It will make you feel worse.

At this moment, as you read this on your working computer, phone or tablet, you have enough. More than many people in the world. If you constantly feel stressed about money, read this post for some tips to help you feel better about it.


"Money/rich people are evil"


"I can use my wealth to improve the world around me"

There are bad wealthy people in the world, yes. There are also bad broke people. But you are good, and you'll be good whether you have money or not. In fact, extra money could help you to improve the world, through donating to charities you care about, helping the people you care about and simply being a nicer person because you aren't worrying about your financial situation 24/7.

Also, remember that money is just a resource we can use. It isn't good or bad. It just is.


"I don't need that"


"I want and value this"

How many times have you talked yourself out of buying that thing you really want and gone for a cheaper option? Or maybe you struggle to buy things that are just for you. Whatever it is: you are worthy of having what you want. If you want it, there's a reason for it. You'll value and appreciate your purchase.

Just to clarify: I'm not suggesting you spend your monthly food budget on an ASOS haul, or spend mindlessly just because. What I'm saying is that if you really want something, don't settle for the bargain basement version. Whether that's staying in a nice hotel instead of the cheapest option available, spending more on high-quality clothes which fit beautifully and last or buying a shampoo specifically for your hair type instead of the one that's on offer for £1.


"I can't charge that much"


"I know my worth and the value I bring to my business"

Oh, girl. So many of us business owners struggle with this one. It's so hard to put a price on your passion, time and expertise, particularly if we really love what we do. In fact, this is the number one thing I work with my clients on.

So I'll keep this simple: you bring value to the table. If you're finding it really difficult to put a price on the products or services you offer, find three other businesses that you admire and are doing similar work to you. Look at how much you charge compared to them. You don't have to charge the same, but if your prices are a lot lower it's likely that you're undercharging.

Know. Your. Worth.

A bit of a different post from me, but I really hope you enjoyed it! It can be a controversial topic, but I do believe that thoughts become things - so exchange those negative things you tell yourself for positives.

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