How to stop feeling demotivated and start feeling excited about your business again

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Running a business is a funny thing. One day you’re super keen to put all your amazing plans for world domination into action and the next…bleh. You hit a bump in the road, and suddenly all you want to do is slob on the sofa watching Netflix and eating cereal out of the box. Here are four things you can do today to get your mojo back and start feeling excited about your business again.

Find out why you’re feeling this way

Something happened in between your enthusiasm to get shiz done and feeling like you just can’t be bothered anymore, and you can’t pick up where you left off until you realise what it was.

There are two main reasons why we start to feel demotivated. The first is fear. When you’re setting goals that are going to take a lot of hard work to achieve, it’s 100% normal to be scared. Scared of the work, scared of failure, even scared of success! Because you don’t know what’s going to happen. The only way out is through, and the only way you’ll find out what happens is by facing your fear head on and being open to all outcomes.

The other reason for demotivation is fatigue. You work so hard on your business, and it’s your passion. You put your heart and soul into your work and think about it all the time. But down time is crucial to being a good business owner, so make sure you’re looking after number one and taking proper days off. Rest - your business will still be there when you get back.

Spend time with your loved ones

We’re a sociable species, so working alone as many of us self-employed folk do can lead to us feeling lost and disconnected. Going out for brunch with your friends or heading out for a screen-free walk with your partner is a no-fail pick me up when you’re feeling a bit stuck. Spending time with the people you love, laughing and setting the world to rights is so rewarding.

Make an effort to connect with and meet up with other self-employed people regularly. You can bounce ideas of each other, vent about whatever’s on your mind and you’ll come home feeling inspired to give your business your all.

Make a list of things that inspire you

When I’m feeling a bit “meh”, I go back to my secret weapon - my inspiration list. I keep a list of all the things that make me feel excited about my business on my phone, and I know that everything on that list is a surefire way to get me feeling hyped up and ready to take on the world.

Here are some of the things I have on my inspiration list:

  • A “Girlboss” playlist - all the songs that make me feel like I can achieve anything

  • A folder containing lovely things that people have said about me and IGC.

  • Books, TV shows and films that inspire my creativity

  • The Instagram accounts of business owners I look up to

Remember why you started

What’s your why? Why did you start your business? Maybe you wanted to help people in some way, maybe you wanted a creative outlet or maybe you just wanted to make a life that doesn’t run to someone else’s schedule.

When you’re so busy managing the day to day activities that keep your business running, it’s easy to get caught up in the what instead of the why. And this is fine, but eventually it demotivates you. When we start doing something just because, we tend to drop it quickly, because we don’t have a reason to keep doing it. Your why is what keeps you going even when times are bleak.

So keep your why at the centre of everything you do. Write it in all your notebooks, make it into a pretty lockscreen so you see it every time you look at your phone, keep a reminder of it in your workspace. Because it will remind you what all the work is for.

What motivates you when you’re in a slump? Leave a comment below and let me know.


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