Why you should be seeking out rejection as a business owner


Let’s get one thing out in the open: no one likes being rejected. But if you’re running a business, you should be seeking out rejection, and here’s why.

It happens to every business owner

You may have had an experience where you were rejected when you were younger (first breakup, anyone?), and it’s traumatised you so much that you’ve thought “Right! That’s never happening to me again.”

Enter: starting a business. A crash course in rejection if there ever was one. The thing with running a business is that you need customers to make money, and to get customers you need to ask. And if you ask, guess what? The answer might be no, especially at the start of your business.

So sometimes, you avoid asking the question because you don’t want to risk the rejection. But the only way to build you business is asking - for the sale, for the support, for the investment.

It shows you where you can improve

Rejection is simply feedback. Feedback is so important to us business owners, as we need it to make our products or services the best they can be. And the best way to get feedback is to ask our happy customers what they liked, but also asking the people who decided against working with you or buying from you what made them decide against it.

I won’t pretend it’s easy - I still get that horrible heart-sinking-into-stomach feeling when I ask for feedback. But it’s an important way to open your eyes to the things you might be overlooking as a result of working in your business. The thoughts of those who chose not to go for it will help you to turn the next no into an “OMG yes!”

It makes you stronger

Entrepreneurs are some of the most resilient people on the planet, because we’ve had to pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off more times than you can imagine.

Every rejection you get makes the next one sting a little less. But you have to keep on going and seeking it out even more, because the difference between failed entrepreneurs and successful ones is that the success stories are the ones who carried on regardless.


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