Yes, it is absolutely possible for you to make money doing what you love

Why it’s absolutely possible for you to make money doing what you love | UK business women advice coach

“Well it’s great that you’re so passionate and everything, but…you aren’t going to make much money from this, are you?”

”It’s really risky to be self-employed, you know. Wouldn’t you be better off with a secure job?”

”Work is called work for a reason. It isn’t supposed to be fun.”

These are all things that people have said to me when I’ve told them about my business, and if you’re a fellow solo business owner I’d hedge a bet that you’ve had similar comments. Here’s why they’re wrong.

There are so many people making lots of money from their passion

Look at the influencer industry. Love it or hate it, as women we have to respect that a female-dominated industry is thriving essentially from women being paid to share their interests. That’s incredible.

The internet has given us the gift of being able to connect with people all over the world, share our message, start a business with very minimal costs as opposed to even 15 years ago when you needed a pile of money to get things going. Now, you don’t even need a website - you could build your business purely through Instagram alone, if you wanted.

There are people making a huge amount of money from opening toys on YouTube. From coaching women to embrace and learn about their menstrual cycles. From sharing the joy of tidying up. And while you may not want to spend your money on any of those things, there are people who do, and there are people who will be more than happy to pay for your unique skills.

“But that’s them, it isn’t possible for me”

Why not? Why can lots of other people do it but not you? Surround yourself with people who have achieved what you dream of doing to prove to yourself that it’s a very real possibility for you. If you don’t know anyone yet, follow people who have done it online. Read their blogs, watch their videos and listen to their podcasts. Learn how they did it.

As an example, Natalie Ellis, self-described serial seven-figure entrepreneur and co-CEO of BossBabe, is very open about how she grew up with very little money, in a traumatic household. She made the most of the resources she had, she learned what she needed to do and created a business strategy to get herself started and she worked smart and hard to get where she is today. I’ve included this story to dispel the myth that you need to have a wealthy family or partner to build a successful business.

I spent a large part of my first year in business wondering if everyone was in on some kind of secret, because they all seemed to be thriving while I felt like I was a failure. In fact, once I was lucky enough to get to know some of these incredible women, I realised that they had the exact same fears and doubts as me. And they felt the same about me!

I always repeat that success is a feeling. Because in reality, I was making enough money, I was rapidly growing and building a gorgeous community of women who were empowered by what I had to offer, but I felt rubbish. I felt like I was a failure and that everyone was smashing it except me. And once I learned this, I made working on my mindset and confidence my biggest priority, because I wanted to be able to really feel good about myself and my business and I realised that no amount of external achievement could do that for me. It had to come from inside.

Times have changed

Sure, it used to be incredibly difficult to start a successful business. Most businesses used to fail within the first two years. It used to be very expensive to get your product or service in front of your ideal customer.

Used to.

Times have moved on. You have access to all the information you need to start a business at your fingertips. You can read up on other business’s mistakes so you don’t make them, Google anything you need to learn and easily connect and start building relationships with your dream customers.

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