Seven things you can do during quiet periods in your business to get things going again

Seven things you can do during quiet periods in your business to get things going again.png

If you’re going through a quiet period in your business right now, you are not alone. Even the most successful business owner you can think of has periods which are quieter than others and feels the quiet thoughts of “what if it never picks up?” creeping in. But you can tell those thoughts to get right back in the hole they came from, because there are lots of ways to get the ball rolling again…

Revisit your offerings

If you offer services, make sure they align with the content you share on your blog, social media and any other channels you cover. It’s great to share your every day life and opinions with your audience and it can personalise your brand, but make sure it’s clear what you do, who you help and how as well. Make it easy for your audience.

Your sales pages should also fit in with your brand. For example, if you have a very laidback presence on social media but your service pages are super formal, that’s going to cause a disconnect for customers. Everything should flow and all feel like it’s coming from the same brand, even if you use an external copywriter.

Check that you’re happy with the products and services you offer. If you aren’t feeling them anymore, you’ll naturally stop yourself from really promoting them and you won’t seem genuine when you do talk about them. When you’re excited about what you’re doing, your audience will be too!

Update your website

When was the last time you freshened up your website? Give yourself a website audit and update your copy and photos. Here are some things you can look out for and update:

  • update your About page with your recent achievements and photos

  • check that your copy (the writing on your website) is on brand and leads visitors to your products or services

  • fix any broken links

  • update your product or service pages (see above)

  • make sure you link to your social media channels and that it’s easy for potential customers to email and buy from you

Catch up on the admin work you’ve been putting off

You know the tasks you always put off for “when you’re less busy”? Now is that time!

Whether it’s catching up on your bookkeeping, filing your tax return or creating some new freebies for your email list, make a list of the admin tasks you need to get sorted and blitz as many of them as you can. It feels amazing to tick things off your to-do list when you’ve done them, and when things get busy you’ll be so happy that you don’t have these little tasks niggling at you.

Get even better at what you do

As an expert in your field, you have a responsibility to improve your skills and stay on top of the latest developments - but this can be difficult when you’re busy with client work. Take advantage of this in-between time by focusing on making yourself the best whatever-it-is-that-you-do that you possibly can be. Research online and read books in your area of work.

Building your skillset will not only boost your confidence in what you do, but you can share what you’ve learned with your audience to show that you know your stuff, which is a great way of marketing yourself and bringing in new clients.

Pitch to potential clients

Ah, pitching. Something which seems so terrifying, but that you’re actually doing every time you show up and share what you do. If you’re waiting for new clients to show up, I invite you to take control and get in touch with them yourself by pitching. Don’t worry, it isn’t all pushy calls and slide decks!

I’ve created a whole course about this in The Independent Girls Collective which contains everything you need to know, but essentially pitching is all about letting people who would benefit from what you do about how you can help them. Don’t make it about you, make it about your customer.

If someone’s asked about hiring you before but it never ended up going ahead, don’t be afraid to get back in touch and let them know that you’d still love to work with them. People get distracted and busy, and sometimes you just need to remind them that you’re still around!

Help people

The best way to market yourself is to show up and help people. This cements you as an expert and also someone who’s pretty darn lovely to work with! You could do this by sharing some tips on your social media, replying to people who are struggling with something in your field and joining Facebook groups and offering help.

I used to be so shy about this and hold back in case I was “bothering someone” or in case someone disagreed with my advice, but I’ve worked to get over that and guess what? It’s okay if someone doesn’t agree with what you have to say, because they’re obviously not the customer you’re looking for! And nobody who asks for help will think that you offering it is annoying.

Work on yourself

I was listening to a podcast recently where one of the hosts said something along the lines of “sometimes you think you need the strategy, the blueprint, the coach, the employees when actually what you need is to work on yourself and become the person you need to be in order to achieve your goals.”

It resonated with me so much, because we all want the logical option. The one where we have a clear instruction manual with all the right steps set out for us. But that doesn’t exist. And as woo-woo as it sounds, we have to work on ourselves in order to be ready for the next step. It’s frustrating and messy and I’m pretty sure it isn’t what you want to hear, but it’s the truth.

How can you do this? Think about who you’d like to be. What’s your daily routine, what kind of work do you do, how would you like to feel? And start taking steps to get there. From here, you’ll start noticing which blocks and limiting beliefs are standing in your way, and you can work through them. Two books which have really helped me with this are The Desire Map and How To Get From Where You Are to Where You Want To Be (does what it says on the tin)!

You can also work with me to uncover and overcome your limiting beliefs, build unstoppable self-belief and create an action plan to bridge the gap from where you are now to where you dream of being - more info on that here.

And there you have it - seven things you can do during quiet periods to get things going! What do you do during the quieter times in your business?


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