How to captivate your audience and make your next business launch a success

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The word launch may come with some baggage for you. Maybe it reminds you of pushy sales tactics, or maybe the thought of promoting your business makes you want to run and hide. Today I’m going to share how you can launch your new product or service with serious success without annoying your audience.

Have you ever thought of an amazing idea for a new offering for your business, got super excited putting everything into places, eagerly announced it to your audience and then…crickets?

You might have wondered how other business owners seem to have really successful launches every time, when people are barely batting an eyelash at yours. Or you may have thought to yourself “launches just don’t work for me.”

Well, I have great news for you! Chances are that while you may think you’ve followed the experts to a t, you’re missing a couple of elements that make a huge difference - but don’t worry, I’m going to tell you exactly what to do to make the next launch in your business a rip-roaring success.

Create with your customer in mind

If you’re creating products or offering services based on what you think your audience need rather than what they actually want, you aren’t going to have a good time.

Pay attention to which of your content gets lots of engagement, and also which content seems to sink without a trace. What do people message you about and ask for help with?

Your followers and subscribers are already telling you what they want, you just have to listen.

Give yourself enough time to launch your new offering

When you’re crazy excited about your new project, you just want to launch it right now and get it out into the world as soon as possible. But it pays to be patient and plan a proper launch.

Why? Well, this gives you lots of time to build up a buzz, get your audience excited about your new product or service and observe how it’s being received.

I’ve created a launch calendar (which I use myself when I’m launching something new) for The Independent Girls Collective which gives you an exact timeframe to follow, so you can perfectly plan the release of your new offering and make sure it gets the reception it deserves.

Set goals

How will you know if your launch is successful? By setting goals, of course!

By setting specific, measurable goals, you’ll be much more likely to take action to reach them, meaning your new product is likely to do well. Think about how many sales you want to make and by what date, and then think about the action steps you can take to make it happen.

Share the journey with your audience

By far the best way to get your audience falling over themselves to buy from you is to make them feel involved in what you’re doing. Share what you’re doing behind the scenes, sneak peeks of your new stuff and why you’ve decided to create it to get your audience invested in your work and anticipating the launch with excitement.

The latest Independent Girls Collective course, Launching To Success, tells you exactly what to share and when, so you can really get your followers on board with your new offering. Click here to join us for £15 a month and get courses, resources and workshops to get your business thriving.

Don’t be afraid to promote

This is where most business owners sabotage themselves without realising. When you run a business, you have to promote your stuff or nobody will buy it.

Think about it, who are you more likely to buy from - the person who occasionally says “by the way I do this if you want it” once every few months or the person who is so elated about what they do and helping others that they just can’t help sharing? I know who I’d go for.

It’s okay to share what you do; your audience expects you to. You’re a business, and it’s okay to operate like one. Be visible, and make it clear to your audience what you do, how you can help them and how to buy.

Have you launched something new in your business recently? I’d love to know how you found the experience! Let me know and share any tips you have in the comments.


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