5 useful apps to make bookkeeping for your business easy

5 useful apps to make bookkeeping for your business effortless | Easy As VAT | bookkeeping and tax help for bloggers, freelancers and small businesses

I did a webinar about tax last week, and someone asked me if there are any apps they can upload receipts to. Which got me thinking - Carrie Bradshaw style - maybe I should write a blog post about the best apps to help you with your bookkeeping. So here we are!

These apps cover the bulk of what you need for your business bookkeeping and are all free to download from the App Store/Google Play, although some of them have in-app purchases.


QuickBooks is accounting software which is super easy to use. They offer a program specifically made for self-employed folk with a 30-day free trial and it's only £2.99 for the first six months.

But there are lots of different accounting software programs out there, so why QuickBooks?

Well, QuickBooks have a free mobile app which lets you create invoices, track your expenses and upload receipts on the go AND it can automatically track your mileage for you. Not bad, eh?

It's a great all-rounder, especially if you travel a lot and don't have much spare time to update your bookkeeping records.

Invoice Simple

Invoice Simple lets you create and send professional invoices, wherever you are.

You can upload your logo, images and add customer discounts, so it's really easy to customise and tweak your invoices.

You can even use the app to send your invoices and track payments.

The only drawback is that while the app is free to download, you only get to create three invoices and then you can either pay monthly or annually to continue.

1tap Receipts: Self Assessment

You might have seen 1tap advertised on Instagram recently, and it's also been featured by Apple UK.

The purpose of this app is that you take a photo of your receipt or invoice and the app will save it, as well as automatically extracting data such as the date and amount.

It's surprisingly accurate and super straightforward to use. If you aren't a fan of having to go through all your crumpled up receipts, definitely give this one a download.


The HMRC app lets you log in to your account online so you can view your tax code, see your tax estimate and track any letters or forms you've sent.

It also has a handy calculator to work out your income tax and National Insurance.

It works well if you want to view your personal tax such as tax credits and income tax and find signing in on your computer a bit fiddly - it even offers FaceID for iPhone X users -  but keep in mind that you can't use it to submit your Self Assessment tax return.

However, with Making Tax Digital coming into play, I predict that you will be able to use this app for a lot more pretty soon.


Dropbox is a dream if you often work on the go or use different computers for work. It's a cloud storage system for all your files, so if you're working on a different computer or need to view a document from your phone, you can easily find and access your stuff.

The app is really simple to use as it sets all your folders and files out neatly. You can also upload, edit and send files from your phone - very helpful if you travel a lot and have important stuff to send that can't wait!

You can scan documents as well, so if you prefer to save your expenses receipts to your own files rather than an app or accounting software, this is a nifty little feature!

So, those are my favourite apps to help with bookkeeping - what are yours?

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