Before you start setting your 2019 business goals, make sure you do this


It’s nearly the end of another year, and you’re probably hearing a lot of talk about new year’s resolutions, setting goals and making 2019 your best year ever. And while that’s very much a good thing, it’s important not to forget to take a moment to celebrate everything you’ve achieved this year.

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Let’s rewind

I bet that the you of a year ago would not believe you if you told her all the amazing things you’ve achieved over the last year. What have you learned this year that you had no idea how to do last year? What kind of obstacles have you overcome? How have you pushed yourself out of your comfort zone?

Celebrate how far you’ve come

When we reach a goal, instead of taking the time to enjoy the feeling of achievement and giving ourselves a pat on the back, most of us are keen to get on with hitting our next goal. And that’s totally normal - we all need something to strive for. But it’s all to easy to get wrapped up in constantly chasing goals instead of enjoying the moment. Make sure you celebrate in whatever way you enjoy when you achieve something you’ve been working on (my preferred method of celebration is with pizza and a new book)!

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Reflect on what you’ve learned

With time comes learning, especially when you’re running your own business. You’re constantly trying new things and working to improve. What have you learned this year? Use this as evidence to improve your mindset - you really are capable of improving your skills and intelligence if you put the work in.

Ask yourself…

  • What have I achieved this year?

  • What can I do now that I couldn’t this time last year?

  • What obstacles have I overcome?

  • Who have I formed positive relationships with?

  • What have I enjoyed this year?

  • What would I like more of next year?

So before you start thinking about all the things you’re going to do in 2019, make sure to celebrate you, and everything you’ve achieved this year!

Over the next few weeks I’m doing something I haven’t done yet in 2018 - relaxing! So there won’t be any blog posts or podcasts until January. But I’ll be back with a bang in early 2019!

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