Frequently Asked Questions

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What is The Independent Girls Collective?

The Independent Girls collective is a membership platform to help women running their own businesses to feel confident with numbers and build a fulfilling, financially sustainable business. We’re making the scary parts of running your business simple, from dealing with tax, to feeling confident with your pricing, to creating a positive and helpful mindset around money.

As a member you get access to our super supportive, exclusive community. You’ll receive monthly courses, resources and templates, be able to participate in live masterclasses and Q&As with industry professionals and have the option of a 15 minute coaching and accountability call every month, to help you stay on track with your goals and make your business fulfilling and successful.

Why did you decide to start a membership platform?

Financial coaching used to be the main source of income for me, and I love working with my clients, seeing the change in them as they become more confident and relaxed dealing with money, and watching their businesses thrive as a result of their new-found skills and mindset.

However, it has always niggled at me that lots of women simply can’t afford to invest in coaching at the point they’re currently at in their business. I don’t want to exclude anyone because of their financial situation. At the same time, I know that to lower my prices would be to undervalue the effort that goes into my work and the positive impact that it has on my clients’ businesses. It seemed like a Catch 22!

In what felt like a lightbulb moment, I realised that creating a membership was the perfect solution. I could provide value and help people without compromising the quality of my work.

The Independent Girls Collective -UK Business Community female creative entrepreneur

What’s in it for me?

So much! How does this sound?

Basic membership includes:

  • A mini video course each month with an accompanying workbook and resources to help you put what you’ve learned into action. Video courses will cover topics such as pricing, dealing with tax, money mindset and lots more.

  • Monthly resources to support you in building your successful and fulfilling business. Resources include customisable templates, printable lists, worksheets and phone and laptop wallpapers.

  • Live masterclasses and Q&As with finance and business experts including national banks, accounting software companies and legal professionals. Oh, and me!

  • Access to our supportive community of likeminded female entrepreneurs. Running a business solo gets lonely and dealing with all the financial issues yourself in particular can be overwhelming. I’ve seen first hand the positive impact that being part of a welcoming community can have, and I want ever member of The Independent Girls Collective to benefit from this. Chances are that if you’re struggling with something, someone else in the community has been through it themselves and will lend a kind ear and a helping hand.

  • You’ll also get free premium access to our app when it launches. It’s still in development right now, but if all goes as planned we’ll be launching in 2019 and you’ll be the first to get your hands on it.

Premium membership includes all of the above, plus:

  • A 15 minute coaching and accountability call each month to help you set and achieve goals to grow your business

  • 50% discount on any events organised by Easy As VAT and Girls Doing Cool Things.

How much is membership?

Membership is £15 per month.

Why is it so cheap?

You’re not shy! I’m really passionate about making The Independent Girls Collective inclusive and available to anyone who needs it.

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My thoughts are that most people can afford to invest £15 a month into improving their business and giving it the best chance of success possible. That’s it. I don’t think that lack of funds should mean that you aren’t equipped with the same resources as someone with more to spend.

How does payment work?

Payment will be taken automatically from the bank account or credit card specified when you join, and each month after that

How do I cancel my membership?

I’ll be sad to see you go, but you can cancel at anytime. Simply log in, go to “My Account” and select “View or cancel plans”. No further payments will be taken and your access to the members area will be removed once your current month’s subscription has finished.