Julia Day | UK Business Coach for new female business owners women NLP practitioner

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a 60 minute coaching session to take you from uncertain to unstoppable.


Starting a business is a scary, overwhelming, messy, busy, brilliant time. You’re working all the hours. You’re doing ALL the things. You’re wondering…is this all really worth it? 

Not so long ago, I was in the same boat, with the same fears and doubts. Doing everything but not getting much back. Asking myself if I’d made a huge mistake leaving my comfy, cosy (well paid) job and setting up shop on my own. And now? Well, now things are very different. Spoiler alert: I’m SO glad I stuck with this whole being my own boss thing.

I want to help you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you long to be, build meaningful relationships with your dream customers and feel focused and confident that you’re on the right path.

Sophie Carefull Devon personal branding photographer

“Working with Julia was so brilliant! I'd been wanting to get some support from Julia for a long time as I love following her on Instagram where she shares great advice about feeling more confident around money as a business owner. Julia tailored our 1:1 call completely to what I needed help with and made sure we covered everything on that list, and it was quite long! I now feel like I have the tools to take control of my money which will give me invaluable peace of mind as my business grows.

I highly recommend working with Julia if you’re running a creative business. We are never taught how to manage money and Julia is just the person to help fill this knowledge gap in a way that’s specific to you and your business, and she explains things so well that it feels simple rather than scary! She is so friendly and helpful and this coaching call was exactly what I needed to boost my confidence!”

Sophie Carefull, Personal Branding Photographer

what we can do together:

  • Uncover your true desires and purpose, and set goals which feel super exciting instead of yet another thing to add to your never-ending to-do list.

  • Make a plan to map out the steps you need to take to achieve your goals and start getting you closer to the big, brilliant vision you have for your business.

  • Stop doing ALL THE THINGS and focus only on what’s going to make your business fulfilling, profitable and future-proof.

  • Get your business in front of your dream customers, start building meaningful relationships with them and create genuine traction and hype around your business.

  • Get crystal clear on your unique strengths (yes, you do have them, loads of them, even if you don’t know what they are yet!) and how you can harness them to make your business even more amazing.

  • Arm yourself with some super handy techniques to help you feel confident and step into your best self’s shoes in even the scariest of situations.

  • Be bold and make an impact in your own authentic way - no insecurity, self-doubt or second guessing yourself.

What’s included:

  • A questionnaire to get the ball rolling thinking about what you really want out of your business and, well, life!

  • A focused 60 minute coaching session via Skype or FaceTime (or in person if you're based in the north west) where we’ll focus on setting action steps to achieve your goals and build up your confidence so you can build the business of your dreams.

  • Email and WhatsApp support for a month after our time together, so you have someone to bounce ideas off, offer encouragement and help you with any wobbles.

  • Notes from your coaching session and resources to help you with what we’ve discussed.

  • Access to the Independent Girls Collective exclusive members area, which includes tons of practical tools for you to use in your business, step by step tutorials to help you master the scary parts of running your business (including lessons on accounting, raising your prices and pitching to your dream customers) and a fabulous community of fellow brilliant businesswomen.

    your investment: £250

who the heck am i to help you do this?

Julia Day | UK Business Coach for new female business owners women NLP practitioner

So glad you asked! I’m Julia Day, a business coach and founder of The Independent Girls Collective. I’m crazy passionate about empowering women to live lives of freedom, flexibility and fulfilment and I believe that we all deserve to feel happy and excited about the work we do.

I started my business in 2017 as a way out of a job that was sucking the sparkle from my soul and since then I haven’t looked back. I want you to know that if you’re currently feeling miserable and trapped at work, there is a way out.

Since embarking on this crazy entrepreneurial journey, I’ve spoken on panels and delivered workshops all over the UK, been interviewed on 10 podcasts (and even turned down a few!), written for lots of awesome magazines and online publications and built a community of thriving, badass businesswomen.

Julia Day | UK Business Coach for new female business owners women NLP practitioner

I’m also a Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner, accountant and project manager, which means I have the practical expertise needed to help you grow your business and the mindset knowhow to help you implement it, making you an unstoppable force when it comes to making your business a success. My coaching clients have described me as someone who makes them feel comfortable sharing their fears, confident that they can overcome them and great at breaking down the overwhelming into manageable steps.

Most importantly, I make money doing something I adore, and if I can do it, so can you!

Jade Wylde blogger autism awareness consultant

“You were so helpful and really helped me see what I need to be doing moving forward, both with my business and my self-confidence too! It was just like talking to a friend. Communication can be a problem for me, but I felt completely at ease and loved all of the points you were making and the ideas and support you provided.

I'm already seeing a change in my mindset in just a few short days, and I'm feeling a lot more motivated and inspired with both my content and my ideas.”

Jade Wylde, blogger & autism awareness consultant

Next steps

If this feels right for you, and you’re ready to take the next step, please complete the form below and I’ll be in touch soon to book your hour of power coaching session.

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What is business coaching?

Julia Day | UK Business Coach for new female business owners women NLP practitioner

Business coaching is all about holding space for you to focus on what you want to achieve with your business and helping you to set goals and take action to get you there. That’s a very simplified answer, and there’s a lot of mindset work, teaching and self-development that goes into a coaching session, but that’s the gist of it!

How do I know if coaching is right for me?

If you’re feeling stuck, unfocused and unsure of what to do next in your business, that’s a sign that you would benefit from working with a coach. If you feel overwhelmed, I can help you to gain some clarity in your business and uncover what you really want, as well as keeping you accountable.

As well as that, a business coach is impartial - I want what’s best for you and can offer you unbiased advice and opinions to help you grow, while supporting and encouraging you.

How do I book a coaching session?

Fill in the form above this FAQ and I’ll be in touch within 48 hours with a link to my calendar, where you can choose a date and time that suits you. Once you’ve picked your session time, you’ll be asked to complete a questionnaire which will help me to make sure you get the most out of our time together. You’ll then be able to pay for your coaching session by debit or credit card through a secure system.

A few days before our session, I’ll contact you to confirm what we’ll be covering during your coaching session and any other details you need to know. You can also email me at julia@independentgirlscollective.com if you have any questions before the session.

Julia Day | UK Business Coach for new female business owners women NLP practitioner

What happens after our coaching session?

I’ll be in touch after our coaching session with some notes from our time together (so you don’t have to worry about taking notes during - you can fully focus on what we’re talking about) and any resources we’ve discussed. I’ll also send you a link to access The Independent Girls Collective members area, where you’ll find lots of tools and tutorials to help you grow your business, as well as being able to join our lovely community of fabulous female business owners for you to connect with.

And I won’t leave you high and dry after we finish the session - you can contact me through email and WhatsApp anytime you like for support, encouragement and to answer any questions you have.

How do I know if it’s worth the investment?

Hey, I know that investing in something purely for yourself is a big decision to make, and I wouldn’t want to encourage you to spend your hard-earned money on something you aren’t sure about yet. An investment isn’t just about spending your money - it’s about putting your money somewhere you’ll get a lot of value back from, and I can guarantee that you’ll get a hell of a lot of value from working with me. These coaching sessions will give you confidence and clarity in your business, so if that’s what you’re seeking it will be well worth your money.

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