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Business in a Box


The ultimate resource kit for running your small business.

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Business in a Box is the ultimate resource kit for your business.

This handy kit includes everything you need to run your business, from business plan and contract templates to an accounting spreadsheet and checklists to help you stay on top of everything.

Here’s what you get:

  • A new business checklist to make sure you’re all ready to get your business off to the best start

  • A business plan template to help you organise the details of your world domination

  • An ideal customer template so you can really get to know your ideal customer and how you can help them

  • Financial tables to help you set your prices and plan your cash flow

  • A new client contract template to protect you and set the terms for your work (and payment, of course)!

  • A client contract checklist - because missing something important out in your contract is not the most professional move you can make…

  • An invoice template to get paid for all your hard work

  • An invoice checklist, because putting the wrong bank account details on your invoice is not the one

  • An invoice tracker so you can keep track of the payments you receive and chase up any naughty late payments

  • An income and expenses spreadsheet to do your bookkeeping and make filling in your tax return super simple

  • A list of all the tax-deductible expenses you can claim to make your tax bill lower

  • A tax return checklist to make dealing with tax a stress-free experience

When you purchase, all 12 of these will be sent to you in a handy zip file for you to start using in your business straight away.