Managing Your Money

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Managing Your Money (1).jpg

Managing Your Money


A course to help you take the argh out of accounting and make managing your numbers simple.

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If the thought of doing your own accounting terrifies you, fear not! This course makes dealing with your business finances a quick and simple process.

Think you need to hire an accountant to manage your business finances? Think again. This course shows you exactly how to do your business accounting in a way that’s quick, simple and suits your schedule.

This course includes…


  • Workbook

  • An accounting spreadsheet to keep track of your income and expenses

  • A list of tax-deductible business expenses

Video lessons:

  • Accounting jargon, demystified

  • Bookkeeping basics

  • Managing your income and expenses

  • Organising your financial records

  • Making your bookkeeping work for you

This course contains everything you need to manage your business finances with confidence - even if you aren’t a numbers person.

When you purchase, you’ll receive an email which includes a link to the course so you can get cracking straight away.