Mastering Tax


Mastering Tax


A course containing everything you need to know about dealing with tax as a UK sole trader.

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Tax can be scary, but you’ll be fear-free after taking this course.

Mastering Tax is a stress-free guide to tax, showing you exactly what you can claim as a business expense, how to manage extras like National Insurance and a guided walkthrough of your Self Assessment walkthrough and how to complete it.

This course includes…


  • Workbook

  • A list of everything you can claim as a business expense on your tax return

  • A tax return checklist

Video lessons:

  • Registering for tax

  • Claiming business expenses

  • Accounting for extras (e.g. National Insurance and student loan repayments)

  • How to file your tax return

  • Registering for VAT

  • Filing your VAT return

If you’re self-employed and don’t know how to manage your tax, this course includes everything you need to know.

When you purchase, you’ll receive an email which includes a link to the course so you can get cracking straight away.