Why work with me?

Here’s what my clients have to say…

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“Working with Julia has been absolutely unreal. I never thought getting some outside help would be so inspiring and in-depth. Every interaction has been personal and Julia has really done her homework on my business. Each week I go away feeling ready for work and motivated. The first meeting instantly calmed most of my worries, Julia is a really soothing person to be around which I adore about her.

I cant thank you enough for helping me take my business seriously and stop being a big wuss. It’s been so amazing to have someone to bounce ideas off and share my worries with whenever needed. You have a really beautiful outlook on everything so I know if I need to make a decision I can run it past you and get a completely honest response. You think everything through so level headed for me and that’s been a huge game changer.”

- Brittany


“Amazing! I came away feeling much calmer and focused. I half expected to have a long list of things to do but I actually just have a few small things to implement that should have big impact on my business.

I love how prepared you were. You had done your research and really knew about the purpose/tone of my business but also were able to highlight some parts that were missing from a potential client's POV. I also LOVE that I didn't have to take any notes and that you sent over the details afterwards.”

- Fiona


“Our time together was super helpful. The atmosphere was very relaxing and non-judgmental, which might sound silly, but opening up about business and finances can be daunting! I felt very comfortable sharing even sensitive information. I also liked how easily you broke some topics down that had built up to be massive obstacles in my head. Suddenly, they didn't seem so difficult anymore, and I feel so much more confident in my ability to run a business now!”

- Lisa


“You were so helpful and really helped me see what I need to be doing moving forward, both with my business and my self-confidence too! It was just like talking to a friend. Communication can be a problem for me, but I felt completely at ease and loved all of the points you were making and the ideas and support you provided.

I'm already seeing a change in my mindset in just a few short days, and I'm feeling a lot more motivated and inspired with both my content and my ideas.”

- Jade


“Working with Julia was so brilliant! I'd been wanting to get some support from Julia for a long time as I love following her on Instagram where she shares great advice about feeling more confident around money as a business owner. Julia tailored our 1:1 call completely to what I needed help with and made sure we covered everything on that list, and it was quite long! I now feel like I have the tools to take control of my money which will give me invaluable peace of mind as my business grows.

I highly recommend working with Julia if you’re running a creative business. We are never taught how to manage money and Julia is just the person to help fill this knowledge gap in a way that’s specific to you and your business, and she explains things so well that it feels simple rather than scary! She is so friendly and helpful and this coaching call was exactly what I needed to boost my confidence!”

- Sophie

“I recently made the jump to freelancing full-time a few months ago, so I approached Julia to make sure I was setting aside the right amount for tax and small things like that!

The whole process was very streamlined and friendly, and I left not only feeling confident with my finances but inspired to embrace those bigger business goals. If you are a creative freelancer just starting out, I would definitely recommend working with Julia just to make sure you're on the right track, then you're set for life! She has a lot of experience and knowledge to bring to the table, you will definitely leave feeling like a weight has been lifted!”

- Philippa

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"My finances have always felt a bit haphazard, and working with Julia helped me figure out a way to consolidate my organisation and set achievable goals. I’m at a point in my life where I needed to take control of my personal and business finances, which I now feel confident in doing after talking to Julia.

It can be difficult to find relevant advice when you’re self employed or running a small business, so I’d highly recommend working with Julia to get a personalised approach full of actionable advice that really helps you figure it out.."


“You're friendly, calm and approachable which is important to me. You have knowledge, experience and you're not afraid to talk about the emotional or (what might feel) embarrassing side of finances.

I really valued our time together. Thank you so much! For answering all my questions big and little, for listening when I talk about the things I was concerned or a bit embarrassed about. I'm looking forward to getting to work.“

- Bethany

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”Julia delivers her wealth of knowledge and understanding in a way that is relatable, comforting and cuts through the fear! The peace of mind her session provided has encouraged me to plan and prepare for my business's future much more successfully than my somewhat shambolic attempts before, and for that I'm eternally grateful. Thoughtful, relatable and endlessly helpful!”

- Louise

“I really appreciated the time and effort Julia spent getting to the heart of my concerns and problems. I liked how professional and yet informal our conversation was, and how easy and approachable she was to talk to. She has really boosted my confidence in knowing the value of my skills and how to price them. As well as offering lots of really helpful advice she asked lots of brilliant questions for me to go away and think about. She's been an absolute pleasure to work with!

I genuinely can't think of anything that could be improved, the whole service has been professional and yet incredibly warm and friendly from start to finish.”

- Tom

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"Magnificent - you made it very easy for me to get the things I was afraid of, didn't understand and just plain out didn't even think about. You explained stuff to me in a way that I could understand. Plus you totally reassured me when I thought of pretty much EVERY worst case scenario there is."

- Adina

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"Honestly, life changing. I feel empowered, happy and excited about making changes to make my business run smoothly and to be in control of my money. It was like talking to a friend and your advice was so valuable.

I can’t express my thanks enough, I have so many things to go away and think about and put in to action that will give me back more time and ultimately more money and happiness."

- Michelle

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"Working with Julia was genuinely a pleasure! Throughout the process she kept me informed, understood my business fully and provided solutions which were perfect for my services / clients. Julia truly went above and beyond!"

- Alice

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"Thank you so much for yesterday! I went home feeling super motivated. I'm honestly so grateful for your advice. 

I found it so useful to speak to someone else in business who gets what I'm doing. I realised that I do have a valuable skill and I am good at what I do, therefore I should be charging what I'm worth. I was also really grateful for you answering the questions I had relating to my tax return. I can submit that now feeling confident that I have done everything right.

I've always been very worried about money and you helped to ease those concerns."

- Holly

Anna Dunleavy Nottingham Photographer

"Before I contacted Julia, I was a regular reader of her brilliant blog, and when I needed some personal advice, I knew who to turn to.

I needed some specific advice regarding my business and transitioning into being self-employed full time. Our coaching session was extremely helpful, as it clarified a few issues for me with the convenience of having a meeting at home! Julia explained everything clearly, meaning that even those who don't have much accounting knowledge would understand all of the information.

I would highly recommend Julia!"


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"Our coaching session has given me the encouragement to change a few things about my business that I was unsure about. It made me more confident about asking for money, and realising that my time is worth what I'm asking! 

The practical advice was really helpful. I've had a lot of friends give me their opinions on the subjects we discussed but it was reassuring to hear a professional point of view! The session lasted a perfect amount of time."

- Lucie