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The Independent Girls Collective is a members only platform to help creative female entrepreneurs like you to make, manage and feel good about money.

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What it’s all about


Money seems to be the topic on everyone’s lips at the moment, and with good reason - it’s the one thing that we can’t avoid dealing with. It affects every area of our lives - from where we live and what we eat, to work and even our time off (ever had to miss out on a business event because you couldn’t afford it? I have).

And when you’re building a business, it becomes even more important to deal with money well. You’re responsible for making, managing and investing the cash wisely and the fear of getting it wrong is real. It can also be incredibly lonely to have the weight of all this responsibility on your shoulders, especially if you don’t have a strong network of like-minded friends around to help you share the load.

I know that hiring a coach or accountant isn’t something that everyone can afford. I also believe that a supportive community is essential to building a business without burning out or breaking down, because I’ve been there and believe me, it isn’t fun.

That’s why I’ve created The Independent Girls Collective: a members only platform to help you manage your finances and provide the support you need to build a successful, fulfilling business that allows you to live the life you desire.

my mission is to empower women in business to feel confident about money.


What members get

  • new goodies each month to help you manage your finances + grow your business

  • live masterclasses and Q&As with business and finance professionals

  • support from people who’ve been where you are and made it through to the other side

  • 50% discount on all Easy As VAT and Girls Doing Cool Things events

  • a monthly coaching call to help you reach your goals and stay accountable

  • free premium access to the Easy As VAT app (release planned for 2019!)

    Prices start from £5 per month

Why £5? Because I want this to be affordable for everyone who needs it. Plus Netflix is £5.99 a month, and I figure if you can’t give up streaming Friends for your business then we probably aren’t on the same wavelength…

our community values

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We are in charge of our actions.

It’s up to us to take action in our businesses and lives - nobody is going to do the work for us.


We control our money, not the other way around.

Money is a resource we can use to benefit us, it doesn’t have a motive. We’re in charge of where our money goes and how it works for us.

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We are kind and supportive.

Money is a sensitive subject. There’s no such thing as a stupid question or worry, and if you can help, help!


We celebrate our wins.

It’s so easy to get caught up in our goals that sometimes we feel a bit lost when we reach them! We believe in taking time to celebrate our achievements and the hard work that got us there. We’ll be right there celebrating with you.

about julia


Hello! I’m Julia and I started Easy As VAT in September 2017 as a project to help creative female business owners to deal with the numbers in their business, from tax and accounting to charging the right prices. I was working as a corporate accountant and earning a lot of money but I was struggling with anxiety, depression and a big old bout of burnout. Easy As VAT gave me an outlet to share the financial knowledge I had learned in my day job and combine it with my love for being creative and helping people.

Very quickly I was receiving requests from lots of lovely women asking me to hop on Skype and have a chat to help them manage their business finances, and I realised that this was something that people needed and started offering financial coaching services.

However, the fact that my services weren’t affordable for all niggled at me. I couldn’t start charging less, as the time and care taken to serve my clients well meant that I wouldn’t be able to do a good job at a lower price. Then I had a lightbulb moment - what about a platform offering helpful advice and resources every month, charged at a lower price? And so The Independent Girls Collective was created.

Why the name? Well, I believe that it’s important for every woman to be able to manage their own finances and be able to function in the world independently. But we all need support and advice to help us get there. This collective is here to help women to gain the financial knowledge and confidence required to be able to be self-reliant, even if they don’t have to be right now.

how i’ve helped people

you don’t have to do this alone.

Join The Independent Girls Collective to stop feeling helpless, take control of your finances and finally feel GOOD about money.

Ready to get involved?

the independent girls collective opens on monday 3rd december.

There will only be 150 places available, so make sure you sign up to be notified when we go live!

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